Anxiety Documents

Click on the links to open documents related to the below subjects.  Please print and highlight anything that you would like to discuss at your next visit.

Anxiety Coping Sheets

Anxiety Treatment Ideas Balancing Act Document Behavioral Activation Beliefs about Worries Coping with Stress
Daily Worry Log Deep Breathing Exercise How Worry Works Negative Prediction Past Anxiety Coping Strategies
Postpone your Worries Practice Self Forgiveness Rumination Worry Success Despite Failures Unhelpful Thinking Styles
Untwist your Thinking Worry Thought Record Worry Time Worry Zones 6 Ways to Reason Away Anxious Thoughts
5 Guarantees You Can’t Control Anxiety Self Help Coping Card Coping with Stress Helping Phrases for Saying No
How to Say No Improving Distress Realistic Thinking

Anxiety Multiple Page Worksheets

Accepting Uncertainty Worksheet Anxiety Symptoms Worksheet Anxiety Thought Record Sheet Challenging Worries Worksheet Core Beliefs Worksheet
Improve the Moment Worksheet Letting Go Of Worries Worksheet Negative Beliefs About Worrying Worksheet Negative Beliefs About Worrying Worksheet 2 Overview of Generalized Anxiety Worksheet
Overview of Worry Workbook Positive Beliefs About Worrying Worksheet Problem-Solving Worksheet Relaxation Worksheet Self Management Worksheet
Accepting Distress Worksheet Anxiety Symptom Worksheet Downward Arrow Tolerating Distress Worksheet

Exposure to Anxiety and Fear Documents

Analyze the Probability of a Feared Event Behavioral Experiment Record Sheet Exposure Homework Sheet Hierarchy Feared Situations Overcoming Avoidance Facing your Fears
Replacing Fears with Positive Messages Situational Exposure Trigger Response Avoidance Pattern Accepting Uncertainty Monitoring my Panic Attack Experiences
Panic Attack Rating Form Panic Survey Impact of Frightening or Dangerous Event Finding a Strategy to Minimize my Fear Four Ways to Reduce Fear
Gradual Exposure to Fear Tools for Anxiety Understanding Distress Intolerance Untwist Your Thinking What Makes me Anxious
What-If Technique Worry Log

Panic Documents

5 Aspects of Paranoia Analyze the Probability of a Feared Event Golden Rules for Panic Gradually Reducing your phobic fears Panic Anxiety Attacks
Panic Survey Panic Attack Rating Form Monitoring my Panic Attack Experiences Panic Overview Panic Overview 2
Panic – Thinking and Feeling Connection Panic ABC Analysis Panic – Unhelpful Thinking Styles Panic Disputation Panic Core Beliefs
Panic Exposure Panic Exposure 2 Panic Calming Technique Panic Self Management