Eating, Exercise and Sleeping Issues

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Body Image Documents

Adjusting Appearance Assumptions – Body Dysmorphia Body Dysmorphia – Thought Record Sheet BODY IMAGE Height Weight Chart Model for Body Dysmorphic Disorder
Overcoming Negative Predictions, Avoidance & Safety Behaviours Reduce Body Acceptance Checking Reducing Appearance Preoccupation Self-Management Planning for Body Acceptance Understanding Body Dysmorphic Disorder
What Keeps Body Dysmorphia Going

Eating – Eating Disorder Documents

A REALITY JOURNAL FOOD, WEIGHT, THOUGHTS, AND FEELINGS Am I a Binge Eater Am I Hungry Anorexia Thought Record Sheet Awareness Checklist
Binge and Restrict Binge Eating, Purging & Driven Exercise Binge Eating BMI Chart Challenging Dietary Rules
Changing Eating Disorder Mindsets Checking, avoidance and feeling fat Cravings Diary DEVELOPING AND IMPLEMENTING A HEALTHIER DIET Dietary Rules
Eating Disorder – Challenging Unhelpful Thinking Eating Disorder Recovery Eating Mindfully Emotionally Eating FEARS BENEATH THE EATING DISORDER
Food Diary Food Diary 2 Healthy Eating Depression How Eating Disorders Are Maintained How Fears Control my Eating
How Ready Am I to Change my Eating Disorder Improving Low Self-Esteem with Distorted Eating Low Self Esteem from Eating Disorders Maintaining Change & Relapse Prevention Mindful Eating Notes
Mindful Eating Plate Mindful Mantra Mood and Disordered Eating Nutrition Documents Progress Review & Barriers to Change with Eating
Progress Review & Barriers to Change with Eating REALITY – FOOD INTAKE, WEIGHT, THOUGHTS REDUCING THE STRENGTH OF COMPULSIVE BEHAVIORS Regular Eating and Regular Weighing Self-Monitoring for Eating
Stages for Mindful Eating What are Eating Disorder Mindsets What is Disordered Eating

Sleep Issues

Sleep Diary Sleep Pattern Records