Energy Czar

Welcome to your Energy Czar.  Please select the choice that most fits you.

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I usually have a lot of energy.
I get little pleasure out of working so hard that I am burned out.
I can renew my energy when I am tired.
I can monitor my life so that I don't usually become too exhausted.
I have generally been able to create an environment that allows me enough rest and relaxation.
I rarely long for vacations or time off from work.
I am able to get enough sleep most nights.
I don't need a nap most days.
I usually wake feeling refreshed.
It's easy for me to get away and reduce my stress level.
In my life, things usually seem effortless.
I rarely get exhausted and stressed out.
I have lots of drive to get things done.
I have little trouble finding the motivation to accomplish my goals.
I find my life exciting.
I generally have the will to accomplish anything I choose to do.
I have little trouble finding the right balance between work and fun.
I have quite a bit of drive.
I always make sure that I eat the proper foods.
I rarely ignore my basic daily physical needs (thirst, hunger, elimination)
My life is currently too tiring.
My job is exhausting.
The demands on me are unreasonable, and I am burning out trying to meet them.
There is so much stimulation in my life that it's ruining my sleep.
Life is wearing me out.
I am "wiped out" a lot.
I haven't had a vacation in a long time.
I don't have very much balance in my life right now.
I yearn for more calm.
There are too many stressful days in my everyday life.