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I become excited about the prospect of learning something new.
I dislike the comfort of routines and usually welcome all charges.
I enjoy change for its own sake.
I become bored very easily.
I am often thrilled about the possibility of exploration and adventure.
I don't like things in my life to be predictable.
Life is a grand adventure for me.
I am curious about what's just over that "next hill" in life.
I like to seek new stimulation.
I feel a thrill in mastering something new.
After doing the same thing for a while, I am anxious to move on.
I often want to visit new places and try new foods.
Once I master something, I hate for conditions to stay the same.  I'm looking for something new to master.
At times, I find myself longing for new experiences.
I love surprises.
I love to travel.
I am curious about many things I don't know about.
I generally feel comfortable traveling.  Travel for me is a pleasant experience.
My current life does not provide me with enough stimulation, newness, or adventure.
My current life provides me with too much routine.
I find a lot in my life to be the same old thing and I am tired of it.
There is not enough stimulation in my life for me.
I think life moves at too slow a pace.
I am bored a lot right now.
I wish the pace of my life would speed up for a while and I could see more changes.
I wish my life was less predictable.
I yearn for more adventure.
There are far too few surprises in my life.