Welcome to your Commander-in-Chief Assessment.  Please select the choice that relates best to you.

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Sometimes I enjoy a good fight.

I will not let anyone take what is rightfully mine.

I often feel righteously indignant.

I am relentless at accomplishing a goal.

If anything blocks my goal, I will become angry.

I know what to do to deal with frustration and get what I want.

I enjoy being assertive.

I become angry quite easily.

I feel comfortable in a commanding role.

If crossed, I become hot under the collar.

I easily become angry in traffic.

I sometimes enjoy getting angry.

I hate to wait, and easily become impatient.

I enjoy being powerful in a work group.

In a group, I have trouble not being in control.

I demand my rights when I have to.

I don't usually back down when confronted with opposition.

I can imagine subduing someone who challenges my authority.

I enjoy a good debate for its own sake.

My goal in competition is to win.

I have trouble getting motivated for a task if I can't beat someone at it.

I am a competitive person.

My interest in a job position increases if I learn that someone else wants it, too.

I consider doing well at work something of a conquest.

I like being the one in charge.

I hate having my word challenged.

I can be authoritarian at times.

I will usually fight to get what I want.

My current life does not provide me with enough opportunity to be in charge.

I am too controlled by others.

My authority is not really appreciated right now.

I don't get much of a chance to be assertive right now.

I miss being able to have a good argument or debate.

Unfortunately, I keep suppressing my anger these days.

I am stifling my instincts of leadership these days.

I wish I had a job with more power and responsibility.

I would like to get a chance to show people that I can be in command.

There is not enough of a chance for me to be effective and forceful in my life right now.

I don't enjoy being domineering.

I don't get much pleasure from bossing people around.

I wish I don't have to be so commanding.

I wish others would take more leadership than they do.

I resent having to be the one who organizes everything.

I am tired of being in charge all the time.

I don't like having as much responsibility and control as I have to take.

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