Emotional Philosophy

Welcome to your Emotional Philosophy Assessment.  Thinking back to your childhood, choose the response that best represents the one you think might have heard from your parents under similar circumstances.

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You tell your parents you're angry because your younger sibling always gets to sit in the front seat of the car.

Your uncle has just had a car accident and is in the hospital.  Now you're unable to attend the championship football game with all your friends.  You're so angry you want to break something.

Your younger cousins are visiting again, and they're messing up your toys.  It's really making you angry, and you complain to your parents.

Your classmates keep borrowing your new color markers during art projects.  When they return them, almost all the ink is gone!

Your best friend has moved to a distant suburb and a new school.  You talk on the phone and see one another every now and then, but it's just not the same.  It's been weeks now, and you're still sad about it.

You hear that an acquaintance had a party and invited most of your friends, but not you.  You don't understand why you've been left out, and it makes you very sad.

Your dog Shortstop died.  You're sad.

You've put heart and soul into applying for the yearbook staff.  You wrote an essay, you were interviewed, and you thought you did a good job.  But you're passed over for this plum after-school assignment.  Worse, several of your friends were selected.

You're afraid of the dark.  Very afraid.

You have an ear infection, and you're going to the doctor - the same doctor who gave you all your vaccinations.  Afraid you'll get another shot, you start to cry.

Your family is flying to California for vacation.  You saw a news story about a bad plane crash the previous month, and you've been scared to get on the plane ever since.

Your mother is having surgery.  You're afraid she might die in the hospital.

You're ten years old and you have your first crush on a classmate.

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