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At times, when my partner gets angry I feel confused.

Our discussions get far too heated.

I have a hard time calming down when we discuss disagreements.

I'm worried that one of us is going to say something we will regret.

After a fight I want to keep away for a while.

There's no need to raise one's voice the way my partner does in a discussion.

It really is overwhelming when an argument gets going.

I can't think straight when my partner gets so negative.

I think, "Why can't we talk things out logically?"

My partner's negative moods come out of nowhere.

When my partner's temper gets going there is no stopping it.

I feel cold and empty after one of our fights.

When there is so much negativity I have difficulty focusing my thoughts.

Small issues suddenly become big ones for no apparent reason.

I can never seem to soothe myself after one of our fights.

Sometimes I think that my partner's moods are just crazy.

Things get out of hand quickly in our discussions.

My partner's feelings are very easily hurt.

When my partner gets negative, stopping it is like trying to stop an oncoming truck.

All this negativity drags me down.

I feel disorganized by all this negative emotions.

I can never tell when a blowup is going to happen.

When we have a fight, it takes a very long time before I feel at ease again.

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