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I enjoy nurturing others.

I enjoy taking care of other people.

I often like to see to people's needs.

I love to see children develop.

It gives me a sense of meaning to help other people.

I like creating a cozy home.

I do (or would) enjoy teaching children.

I have a strongly developed parental side.

I often feel sad when I am alone.

I get lonely when I am not in a close relationship.

I like making new friends.

I take the time needed to take care of my friends.

I like to listen to my friends' problems.

I tend to think of other people's needs before my own.

I think the greatest accomplishment in life is raising a good child.

I make it a priority to spend time with friends.

I don't mind people depending on me.

I sometimes love to take care of children.

At heart, I am very parental.

I strongly value the cozy times of family closeness at home.

I love cooking for the people I am closest to.

My current life does not provide me with enough intimacy.

In my current life, I don't get to take care of others enough.

My tender side is not really appreciated right now.

There is too much emotional distance in my life now.

I feel lonely too much of the time.

I am secretly more of a caretaker than anyone gets to see these days.

I need to make more close friends.

I wish that I had a life with more intimacy.

I yearn for more connection with those around me.

There is not enough affection in my life right now.

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