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I am a lusty person.

I enjoy flirting.

I seek out sexually provocative situations.

I love the initial phases of courtship.

I really enjoy sex.

I enjoy giving physical pleasure to someone I am attracted to.

I am very sensual.

I enjoy having someone I am attracted to really excite me sexually.

I see sexual possibilities in many situations.

I get horny easily.

I often lust after someone I have just met.

I love being in love.

I masturbate often.

I have sexual fantasies at the strangest times.

I get sexual cravings that I just can't stop.

I enjoy many forms of physical sensuality.

I enjoy fondling, caressing, kissing, and cuddling.

Just being with someone attractive can really excite me.

At heart I am very horny.

I strongly value the excitement of making love.

I think about sex often every day.

My current life does not provide me with enough sexual stimulation.

In my current life, I don't get to have enough sensual experiences.

My lusty side is not really appreciated right now.

There is too much sexual distance in my life now.

I am more of a lover than anyone gets to see these days.

I need to find some more sensual experiences.

I wish that I had a life with more sexual passion.

I yearn for more romance in my life.

I feel sexual too much of the time.

There is not enough playful sex in my life right now.

I am overly involved in sexual thoughts and activities.

My life demands more sex of me than I want.

I dislike how much I have to think about sex.

It is uncomfortable to be as sexually turn on as I usually am.

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