Welcome to your Stonewalling Assessment

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When my partner complained I felt that I just wanted to get away from this garbage.

I had to control myself to keep from saying what I really felt.

I thought, "It's best to withdraw to avoid a big fight."

I withdrew to try to calm down.

When we have a big blowup, I just want to leave.

At times when my spouse is very negative, I think it is best just not to respond at all.

I'd rather withdraw than get my feelings hurt.

I think that sometimes withdrawing is the best solution.

I wondered why small issues suddenly became big ones.

I withdrew when my partner's emotions seemed out of control.

I thought, "I don't have to take this kind of treatment."

I didn't want to fan the flames of conflict, so I just sat back and waited.

I hate it when things in our discussions stop being rational.

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