Sentry System

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It is easy to become a victim if you aren't vigilant.
I treat the world as if it were a dangerous place.
I treat the world as if it were a dangerous place.
I see part of my role as making sure my loved ones are safe.
I rarely feel totally safe myself.
I try hard to avoid unpleasant surprises and shocks.
I believe that a little bit of forethought can avoid disasters.
I tend to look for potential danger in ordinary situations.
I have a hard time relaxing.
I tend to worry about the future.
I hate being startled.
Some seemingly normal situations can make me apprehensive, for good reason.
I think of myself as a protector of others.
Sometimes I can become a bit nervous or on edge.
I am anxious in some social situations.
I can sense trouble brewing before other people can.
I work hard to create a safe environment for myself and for people close to me.
It is important to me that my work environment for myself and for people close to me.
I like to stay in control of things to avoid unpleasant surprises.
I make myself stay vigilant so that I can be aware of potential trouble.
I tend to be a worrier.
I dislike being alarmed.
I am easily frightened.
I can become panicky when things are not in order.
I think of myself as a kind of guard or sentry for myself and the people close to me.
My current life involves too much anxiety.
I need to be too wary in my everyday life.
I feel apprehensive about several aspects of my current life.
I am worried a lot of the time.
Tensions often make it hard for me to get a good night's sleep.
These days I have trouble letting down my guard.
These days I find it very hard to relax.
I wish that I had more job security.
I would like to feel more at ease with people important to me.
I could be a lot more creative if I felt safer.
I have too much responsibility as a protector of the people I care about.
I wish people looked to me less for their security.
I don't enjoy having to take care of other people's safety needs.