Volatile Communication Assessment

Welcome to your Volatile Communication Assessment

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I think it's a good idea for my partner and me to have a lot of separate friends.
I believe in honesty confronting disagreements, whatever the issue.
We often do things separately.
Marriage partners should be direct and honest no matter what the results.
I feel quite comfortable with a strong expression of negative feelings.
Sometimes I enjoy a good argument with my spouse.
Jealousy is sometimes an issue in our marriage.
It is important to be a separate individual in a marriage.
We often will eat separately.
I enjoy trying to persuade my spouse when we have a disagreement.
I believe in keeping our marriage very romantic.
At times I enjoy expressing my anger.
I believe it is important to fight even about small matters.
I enjoy working out our values through arguments.
Keeping a certain amount of distance in a marriage helps the romance.