Grief Therapy

What is Grief Therapy?

Grief therapy provides a safe place where the individual can discuss their feelings of loss.  The person can also discuss their fears, heartache, relationship difficulties and life struggles.  In addition, grief therapy helps the client develop ways to cope with the immense loss and discuss future goals.  A Christian perspective for grief and loss is available upon the request of the client.

More About Grief

Grief is one of the most painful and devastating emotions that humans will ever face.  The loss of a loved one can alter our relationships, goals, and views.  The person can feel like they are going crazy, cannot sleep, have nightmares, and not be able to concentrate.  Grief can also occur from the loss of a marriage, a career, a miscarriage, health issues, and disabilities.  Finding help in the form of a trustworthy friend, support group or counseling is a very helpful way to work through grief.

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From a person who has gone through devastating loss, I know that grief is an indescribable hurt that hangs over your head like a dark cloud.  Seconds feel like days and days feel like years.  You are truly never the same after you lose an important person in your life, but you try your best to move on even if it feels you are wading through mud.  I know for myself it helped a lot to talk about my loss and all the additional upsetting feelings and situations that were occurring.  I would be honored to help you through this difficult moment of your life.” – Christy Elzer