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This list was created for all of those who are struggling to find things to do in the Huntsville – Madison, AL area.  As a person who grew up in Huntsville, I know the difficulties of meeting other people here.  This is especially notable since I had the added bonus of already knowing many people in the area.

Many of my clients have told me of the frustration they experience when trying to meet other people.  My clients have also described symptoms of depression and loneliness from the lack of outside friends and things to do.  These conversations have made me very interested in helping others find things to do and make friends in North Alabama.

Below is a list of things to do in Huntsville – Madison.  Many of the listings include a brief site summary and a website.  I highly recommend checking out the Meet Up site.  It is a site with many different groups of all kinds of interest in the area.   You will have to create a free account, but it will be worth your time.

Please email or message if you have additions to this list.

Athletic Groups
Mental Health Support Groups
Christian Groups
Groups for Certain Ages, Marital Statuses, and Genders
Volunteer Opportunities

General Calendar for Huntsville
This is a calendar of events in the Huntsville area.

Athletic Groups

Alabama Sports Group
This site offers the schedules for racket ball, tennis and group fitness.

Ballroom Dancing
Ballroom dancing lessons for couples or singles.

Belly Dancing Lessons
Learn how to belly dance and make new friends.

Canoe Club

Group Dancing Lesson
This group host dances with a 30-minute lesson before the group starts.

 Disc Golf
A group for people who like to play disc golf.

Fencing Club

Huntsville Rugby Club
This site provides information on joining Huntsville rugby and the sports schedule.

Huntsville Volleyball Group
Join a team or find a volleyball league.

The kickball group is a great way to meet other people in town, get exercise and have fun playing a team sport.

Roller Derby
Roller Derby is an all women’s roller skating sport in Huntsville.  It is fun to play and fun to watch.

Rowing Group
This group is for people who want to try rowing.  It is for individuals with all skill levels.

Scuba Club 

Spring City Cycling Club
This site provides information for the state and local cycling schedule.

 Square Dance
Square Dancing is a great way to keep in shape and meet others.

Tennis League
The website provides information for an individual to find or create a tennis team.

We Run Huntsville
We Run Huntsville is a group in Huntsville for people who like to run, walk, swim and cycle.  The site reports that they have 6000 members.

Mental Health Support Groups

Al-Anon is a support group for family members of an alcoholic or drug addict.

Anger Management

Celebrate Recovery
Celebrate Recovery is for individuals to talk through habits, unhealthy behaviors, and hurts.

A group for individuals who have co-dependency tendencies.

Depression & Bipolar Support Group
A group for individuals who suffer from depression and bipolar to connect with others who also struggle with these disorders.

Divorce Care
A support group to help those who need additional support after a divorce.

Gamblers Anonymous
A group to discuss gambling addiction.

Grief Groups
Different groups where you can connect with others that are experiencing grief.

Overeaters Anonymous
Connect with others who struggle with overeating.

Sex Anonymous
A group for individuals to connect with other individuals that struggle with sex addictions.

Suicide Survivors
Connect with other family members that have gone through the devastating loss of loved one to suicide.

Various Mental Health Groups
These groups are hosted by mental health professionals.

Christian Groups

Asbury Groups
Asbury offers multiple groups for people to connect.

The Net
This church offers two different groups.  Help groups and home groups.  Help groups are volunteer groups that go to places in the area to serve.  Home groups are where members of the church get together to fellowship and worship.

Church of the Highlands
Church of the Highlands offers many groups broken into various ages, marital categories, gender, and interest.  Each group is unique and offered at different places throughout the area.

Cove Church
These are groups for discussion, activity, and discipleship.

Knights of Columbus
A group for Catholic men.


Lowe Mill Art Classes

Arts Counseling

Bird Watching
A group to watch the birds of North Alabama.

Book Clubs

 Happy Hour Book Club
A book club to discuss books, meet new people and have snacks.

 Huntsville Amateur Radio
Meetings are every Friday night for individuals interested in amateur radio.

 Huntsville Kennel Club
A club for owners of pure breed dogs.

 Huntsville Jazz and Poetry

Meet Up
Meet Up is a large database of various groups in the Huntsville/Madison area.  Each group is handled by a separate group leader.  They have groups for individuals who like the outdoors, computers, are single, like to travel and many others.  There generally is not a cost to join a Meet Up group.

Rocket City Radio Controllers
A group for airplane radio controller enthusiast.

Screen Writers
Call for more information.

Groups for Certain Ages, Marital Statuses, and Genders

Coworking Group
Coworking Night is a free weekly conference where professionals come to learn, connect, and collaborate.

Huntsville Woman’s Club

Huntsville Young Professionals
Huntsville Young Professionals is a group that host activities for young professionals.  This group offers many opportunities to meet new people in the area.

Single Parents
A group created by a single mom to connect with other single parents.

Women’s Group
A women’s group in North Alabama to find friends.

Volunteer Groups

Harris Home
Harris Home is a home for orphaned children.  There are several volunteer opportunities to help these children.

Huntsville Hospital Volunteer services
A long list of volunteer services at Huntsville Hospital.

Huntsville Volunteer Services

Greater Huntsville Humane Society
Find volunteer options with animals at the Greater Humane Society.

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Christy Elzer is a Licensed Professional Counselor and owner of Journey to Hope Counseling, LLC.  Her office is located in Huntsville, Alabama.  Christy strives to help others decrease stress and find relief from unhealthy thoughts and behaviors.

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