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Journey to Hope Counseling, LLC is a therapy practice providing a confidential, judgment-free environment for anyone seeking support and change.  Each client comes to the office for a different reason but most come to discuss their fears, goals, worries, and disappointments.  The practice offers therapy for adults, adolescents, couples, and families.  Journey to Hope Counseling, LLC offers the client the option to include a Christian point of view if they desire.  Click to find out more about Christian counseling.

Journey to Hope Counseling, LLC uses Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) in treating their clients.  CBT is a well-documented form of therapy that focuses on thoughts, feelings, and actions.  Counselor, Christy Elzer-Williams, has additional training in CBT to provide her clients the best help possible.

The practice offers much more than talk therapy.  Sessions will include gaining a complete overview of the client’s symptoms and stressors.  Understanding of the symptoms helps the client and Christy set goals for treatment together.  The goals and history will help Christy understand the best methods to use to decrease stress and find relief.

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