Adolescent Counseling

What is adolescent counseling?

The teenage years have always been a troubling time but maybe even more in today’s generation.  They have more responsibilities, demands from school work, possible part-time job, driving, raging HORMONES, social media and in-school terrorism. These teenage issues do not even include the difficulties of dating and the other social demands of their peers.  As a result, society is seeing more cases of teenage depression and anxiety from all of the worries the teens are experiencing.

Adolescent counseling helps the teen learn new ways to cope and talk about the situation.  They are able to share fears, heartbreaks, disappointments, and goals with an unbiased individual.  Counseling often helps the teen gain a healthy perspective when they are able to talk about their issues out loud with a trained professional.

A Christian perspective is also available at the request of the client.

Teen Counseling Helps:

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