Anxiety Counseling

What is anxiety counseling?

Anxiety is your body’s normal reaction to a scary situation.  Normal anxiety can occur from many things.  A big one is presenting in front of a group.  Some people freeze in fear from taking a test and some sweat while on a first date.  Even some get very nervous while on a new adventure.  Although having anxiety is a normal part of life, sometimes it can cause crippling worry and fear that negatively impacts the individual’s life.

Scientific evidence finds that anxiety counseling is a successful option in treating anxiety disorders.  Counseling for anxiety can help you uncover the underlying cause of your fears and worries.  Another part of anxiety counseling is helping the person learn new coping skills to help reduce future anxiety events.  There are many types of anxiety that Journey to Hope Counseling, LLC treats in the office.  A Christian perspective is available upon the request of the client.

These anxiety types include:

  • Panic
  • Perfectionism
  • Social anxiety

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