Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Click on the links to open documents related to the below subjects.  Please print and highlight anything that you would like to discuss at your next visit.

5 Guarantees You Can’t Control ABC ACT Worksheet Anxiety Graph CBT Self-Help Worksheet
CBT Thinking Explained Challenging Negative Thoughts Challenging_Negative_Thinking Crisis Management Plan Critical Voice Thought Record
Critical Voice Thought Record Daily Mood Log Daily_Mood_with_example FACT or OPINION Helicopter View
JOURNAL OF DISTORTED, NEGATIVE THOUGHTS Judge Positive Reframing Table Positive Statements Problematic Thinking
Pros and Cons of a Situation Reality vs Expectations Response Options Responsibility Pie Self Compassion Thought Record
Situation Log Sheet Thought Record Sheet Thought Record Sheet 2 Unhelpful Thinking Styles Untwist Your Thinking
Vicious Cycle & Alternatives Vicious Cycle