Individual Therapy

What is Individual Therapy?

Individual therapy focuses on the ways an individual can improve the quality of their life.  Counseling helps the client navigate where to begin their change.  The individual can discuss their emotional well-being and build positive feelings including confidence and motivation.  A Christian perspective is available upon the request of the client.

Why Would Someone Seek Individual Therapy?

People come to individual therapy for several reasons.  Often therapy focuses on more than one issue.  Many individuals discuss anxiety and depression, but they also discuss relationship issues, job stress, parenting, and grief.  Counseling is also a place to discuss big or little decisions that are causing stress in the client’s life, goals that they want to achieve and other life changes.

Types of Individual Therapy

Internal Focus – This type of counseling will focus on the individual’s negative thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.  Christy Elzer and the client will work on ways to change these thoughts, so they can live a happier and healthier life.

External Focus – When working through an external focus the attention is on the client’s relationship with others.  This would include discussing current communication patterns and thoughts regarding the relationship.  Even though this is individual therapy, there are still many techniques that will improve the relationship with only one person available.

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