OCD Therapy

What is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Counseling?

OCD therapy helps a person with the upsetting thoughts and behaviors that surround a particular obsession.  Some people might avoid driving, some might have to check the door locks several times before going to sleep, and some might have a very upsetting thought that they cannot get out of their mind.  Each person and the people around them have a different level of impact from OCD ranging from mild to severe.

Although OCD can feel like its crippling effects will never end, research shows that it is a very treatable condition.  A person will first receive testing to identify their obsessional thoughts when they come to Journey to Hope Counseling, LLC.  After all of the particular obsessions are identified, the client and Christy will discuss a plan for treating the obsessions.  Throughout this process, the client will learn about their OCD and valuable ways to stop their unhelpful thinking.  A Christian perspective is available upon the request of the client.

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