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Journey to Hope Counseling, LLC offers premarital, couples and marriage counseling.  Christy Elzer is Level II certified in Gottman Couples training.  Counseling provides a safe, private location for the couple to talk about current issues.  Studies show that couples who go to counseling have a much higher success in staying together.

There are many benefits of couples counseling.  First off, couples counseling can improve a couple’s communication.  The couple will learn life-giving ways to communicate instead of talking in an unhealthy manner.  The second benefit of couples counseling is decreasing household stress.  An example is the couple might discuss ways to increase spending time together or rearranging roles in the home.  Not to forget, sex and intimacy (as in-depth as needed) is an important issue to discuss in counseling.  Discussing sex and intimacy, in the office, has the ability to add back a physical connection that many couples desire.  Additionally, Christian perspective is available upon the request of the client.

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