ADHD – ADD Behavior Management

What is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) Behavior Management?

ADHD – ADD behavior management is a type of counseling to help the individual with the symptoms they experience from their disorder.  Counseling will include learning new ways to avoid frustration and social embarrassment.  Behavior management can be a enjoyable and eye-opening experience for the individual to learn more about the disorder and help them identify their strengths.  A Christian perspective for ADHD and ADD is also available upon the request of the client.

What is ADHD and ADD?

ADHD and ADD share many of the same symptoms.  The only difference is that ADHD has an external hyperactive symptom and ADD has more of an non-attentive symptom.  Both of these conditions causes a person to have problems in many areas of their lives.  Generally, it is a lifelong problem but some people grow out of some of the hyperactivity.  There are many symptoms of ADHD and ADD but being unintelligent or the having ability to be successful are on the symptom list.  Please check out the link of famous people with ADHD

Struggles of ADHD and ADD Include:

  • Time management is an issue where a person has a hard time making appointments and keeping track of time.  The person generally feels they can do a lot more in a short amount of time than possible.
  • Holding attention is another issue.  Holding attention can fade during a meeting, class or even a conversation with a friend.  Attention usually drifts towards thoughts, sounds or visual distractions.
  • Switching focus is when a person has a hard time switching between a task or something fun.  It might cause this person more feelings of frustration than a person with ADHD or ADD.
  • Planning is another common issue.  The individual can have a hard time planning when it has more than a few steps.  Planning might cause them to experience frustration, stress and/or anxiety.  Additionally, procrastination becomes a common occurrence to avoid unpleasant feelings.
  • Organization is a common ADHD and ADD issue.  The individual can struggle organizing their home, work and schedules.
  • Short-term memory issues happen when a person forgets what was said to them in conversation, what is on a list, the next steps in a project, names and so forth.  They might often misplace keys, papers and forget appointments.
  • Impulse control happens up when a person has a hard time controlling spending, emotions, and self-control.  The symptom of impulse control is often seen when a person has a hard time standing in line, blurting out answers, interrupting, and holding back an inappropriate thought or behavior.

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