What Makes Therapy Successful?

It is safe to say that people go to therapy with the expectation of having a successful therapy outcome.  Unfortunately, there are people who have felt let down from past experience.  This is a sad event since there are ways to make counseling successful.

The first step is for the counselor and the client to have an open conversation about the client’s hopes of therapy.  Christy Elzer discusses all possible therapeutic complications when the individual enters counseling.  She feels it is very important for the client to discuss any discomforts they are experiencing to strengthen the therapeutic relationship.  Christy also stresses if the client does not feel a connection, they should not give up on finding a counselor.  Most important, she feels the right counselor is out there for everyone.

An additional aspect of successful therapy involves what the client does outside of the counseling office.  Often clients will receive work to complete after the session.  These assignments aid the client’s overall change and improvement.  Assignments might include identifying current negative thoughts or assessing the pros and cons of a certain situation.  Research shows the clients who do outside therapy work experience a greater reduction in negative thoughts and emotions.

The sooner you start, the sooner you can find success!

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