Loneliness Assessment

Welcome to your Loneliness Assessment

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Marriage is a lot lonelier than I thought it would be.
We're not as close as I wish we were.
I feel an emptiness in this marriage.
I often feel bored when we do things together.
I feel very restless and sad even when we're together.
Lots of times I don't know what to do with myself.
At times I feel bored and restless in this marriage.
I long for someone I can be close to.
I feel so lonely it hurts.
Something is missing from my marriage.
I wish people would call me more often.
I often wish I had someone to be with.
I don't feel that I'm an important part of someone's life.
I don't feel that I belong to anyone.
I often feel emotionally isolated.
I feel abandoned in this marriage.
There is no one I can turn to.
I often feel left out.
No one knows me.
No one understands me.
There is often no one I can talk to.
I often feel a great need for companionship.
I have become very withdrawn in this marriage.
I feel disconnected.