PTSD News Video

WAFF-48 asked me to provide some brief information on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  News Ancor, Kim Essex, discussed a woman who was still suffering from PTSD since 9/11.  This lady still has distressing emotions from witnessing the death and tragedy on that tragic day.

PTSD can occur when a person has either experienced a life-threatening event, witnessed a traumatic event, and even heard about a traumatic event.  The symptoms of PTSD are frightening, overwhelming and at times debilitating.  One of my client’s shared the confusion of overreacting to situations, but being unable to control their emotions.

Although PTSD is scary to discuss, therapy and group support is key to helping the individual break free from the PTSD symptoms.  Contact me today to start your healing process.

WAFF-48 PTSD News Video

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